Vibhor Gupta

The Rising Star

Vibhor skipped the ladder of career progression and went straight for the lift! In his short spell in the entertainment industry, he grew from an Intern at the channel Living Foodz to the Associate Producer of the same show in less than a year! Talk about being made for the job.

To help build on his expertise, he spent some time with Zee Music Company as an Assistant Director and went on to work on some short films. He is obsessed with producing, and writing shows and knows too well that he is still learning the ropes in showbiz. With a mind that is razor sharp, he juggles between producing writing and show development.

As a Writer/ Executive Producer, he experiments with various genres of storytelling that include sci-fi, crime-drama, fully equipped with dark humor, sarcasm and satirist humor, action and coming of age and romantic comedies. Observation, strategy and adaptability are the key ingredients that Vibhor earmarks for stellar content creation and every day is an effort towards mastering these.