Pratik Moitro

The Techie

Pratik thinks in algorithms and writes in prose. Old habits die hard, they say! From B.Tech to Film Direction, the journey has been an eventful one, but it is the destination that he cherishes the most. He is fascinated by the arduous transitions storytelling has undergone ever since man could think!

Now as a screenwriter in this post-modernist world, he has taken to the craft to narrate tales of his own. Having created over 12 short films and 2 documentaries, he is just getting started. He has assisted on feature length films in Marathi and was the Chief Assistant Director for one too.

He is well-versed with both Hindi and English literature and tends to breakout into soliloquys from time to time. When not writing, he is doing the rounds of the festival film circuits or binge-watching shows on Netflix.