Neeraj Singhal

The Storyteller

Stories have a way of finding their way to Neeraj, and he is not shy of penning them down. Small town lad with a heart full of passion, Neeraj started writing stories as a hobby when he was only nine. Little did he know that his hobby would turn into passion, and passion into a thriving profession! With a career that spans over a decade, he has had incredible opportunities to work with major TV channels and renowned production houses of the nation.

His obsessive attention to detail sparks his creativity across all departments of the Audio-Visual medium. Neeraj is a published writer who uses his writing to explore the human emotions of value and combining it with a sense of cinematic understanding to convey powerful human experiences.

In his own words, “Let the writing be your voice as it is heard through eternity”.




Written and Directed

Written and Directed

Written and Directed