Lopa Mudra Mitra

The Hustler

An award-winning, multidisciplinary conceptualiser, creative director, strategist and an all-time digital geek. Lopa Mudra’s romance with the world of digital media began over a decade ago when she dabbled with the non-fiction format at Channel V.

She has since explored various formats like travel shows, youth reality, stage reality, games shows and food & lifestyle shows. What began as a love-hate relationship has now brought her at a point where she has a plethora of successful work to her credit. Her early years have taught her one thing—“You are only as good as your last project, so every day must be a hustle”. And so she carries on.

Lopa Mudra wears many hats and needs coaxing to share them with others. She loves to create and finds incredible joy in indulging in the details of her content creation process. She relishes beauty in building something from scratch and watching projects come to fruition. From research to execution, she finds herself fitting into roles depending on what the project needs.