Jatin Lucky

Director Producer Cinematographer

Working from 1999, with experiences in television production, direction, direction of photography, cinematography, anchoring, and news reporting, IT, Sales. I have worked on a wide range of television programming since 2006

Travel shows

Reality shows

Magazine format shows

Advertising and TV promos

I have also worked on other genres like:

  • Music videos
  • Fiction series
  • Corporate Films/AVs/

Training Videos

  • Advertiser Funded Programs
  • Documentaries
  • Awards shows


  • Working as Director, Creative Director and Producer on shows
  • Designing original concepts to create content for corporate and broadcasters
  • Partnering with teams that are in need of help to develop concepts, scripts, storyboards, animatics, edits, etc. and directing the projects for them


I have traveled extensively across India to produce end-to-end with compact crews of 3 people to massive crews of a few hundred. Also, I and my team have discovered new, undiscovered and untouched locations that may be perfect for various shoots.

My extensive experience means that me and my teams are comfortable working in all kinds of conditions, terrains and situations with efficiency and creativity.