We Are The Best
Chandramohan Puppala
The Mastermind
Chandramohan is an award-winning journalist and cross media professional who has been involved within the news and media circuit for nearly quarter of a century. His role as Channel Head in previous roles have made him an expert in channel launch and management.
Mitesh Hansa Jethva
The Thinking Cap
A passionate writer. A relentless thinker. Mitesh shares a powerful and symbiotic relationship with cinema. He seeks to find stories in everything around him and retells them with shades of his personal experiences. He writes to entertain and to heal.
Neeraj Singhal
The Storyteller
Stories have a way of finding their way to Neeraj, and he is not shy of penning them down. Small town lad with a heart full of passion, Neeraj started writing stories as a hobby when he was only nine.
Sanveed Joglekar
The Post Production Wizard
If there is one thing Sanveed can do, it is editing— and oh boy— can he do that with superior technical finesse and a cheery bright smile. One of the most genuine and straightforward people you find in the industry.
Smriti Singh
The Wordsmith
An exceptional stylist and savvy writer, Smriti is a wunderkind in the content creation. Her discerning eye and resourcefulness make her an outstanding curator of storytelling in the multichannel digital world.
Lopa Mudra Mitra
The Hustler
An award-winning, multidisciplinary conceptualizer, creative director, strategist and an all-time digital geek. Lopa Mudra’s romance with the world of digital media began over a decade ago when she dabbed with the non-fiction format at Channel V.
Ankita Chakravarty
The Taskmaster
With a heart that yearned to explore and share stories of people, food and culture, there was nothing more to do for Ankita but travel around the world to seek them. Her passion for storytelling stems from the intricacies of tales that are waiting to be told.
Pratik Moitro
The Clichéd Techie
Pratik thinks in algorithms and writes in prose. Old habits die hard, they say! From B.Tech to Film Direction the journey has been an eventful one, but it is the destination that he cherishes the most.
Vibhor Gupta
The Rising Star
Vibhor skipped the ladder of career progression and went straight for the lift! In his short spell in the entertainment industry, he grew from an Intern at the channel Living Foods to the Associate Producer of the same show in less than a year!
Tony Singsit
The Snipping Maven
Between writing and editing, you will find Tony ideating on making films an indispensable medium for transpiring reality through the delicate fabrics of society. Stories, to him, therefore are the key elements for such reflections and the storyteller— a mastermind in his own regard.
Jatin Lucky
Director Producer Cinematographer
Working from 1999, with experiences in television production, direction, direction of photography, cinematography, anchoring, and news reporting, IT, Sales