Chandramohan Puppala

The Mastermind

Chandramohan is an award-winning journalist and cross media professional who has been involved within the news and media circuit for nearly quarter of a century. His work as Channel Head in previous roles has made him an expert in channel launch and management including the end-to-end development and delivery of content in the medium.

Having had a taste for producing content and working closely with it in his early career, he knew very well the role quality and relevant communication plays in appealing to an audience. Coherent MediaWorks was borne just out of this idea. The time is ripe for the launch of a media collective that caters to exactly this— a high-quality content engine to service narratives that are not necessarily topical, but of interest and value, retelling them as powerful stories.

He wants to bring to the audience all sides of a story— the good, bad and the ugly— combining all facets of a reality into a strong piece of visual experience. Given his journo instincts, and the yearning for independent and uncensored expression, he is excited about exploring the various treatments for visual storytelling on the digital platform with Coherent MediaWorks